Idea Creation

“Idea” is defined as: “A thought, plan or suggestion about what to do; an opinion or belief and something that you imagine or picture in your mind.”

Organizations realize that ongoing innovation, change and adaptation is to maintain the position on the competitive edge. Essential part of the innovation is how good ideas are generated and are implemented. Whilst an ability to have creativity is essential in cultivating this skill, it is perfected with the knowledge and experience an organization is exposed to.

The professionals at STREE have been involved in the end-to-end delivery of a significant number of projects to international standards.  These projects have not only been prestigious but, more importantly, commercially and financially successful.

Our range of experience means that we are uniquely placed in having an invaluable perspective and significant in-house expertise across the four most important drivers for the success of a development: marketability, bankability, deliverability and flexibility. Our unique understanding of the development process, and hence of the Client’s objectives and perspective provides us with a significant edge in developing strategy, generating innovative concepts and proposing creative cost-effective solutions.

Members of our team have successfully delivered projects in several key markets. Our team’s specific development experience, coupled with its in-depth financial and financing skills offer clients a comprehensive service that is unrivalled in the market.

We possess valuable, real and relevant knowledge of what is important for landowners, developers, equity investors, lenders and homeowners which, in turn, helps us in devising and executing the optimal development and financial strategies.