Regional Planning and Urban Design

Calthorpe Associates: Founded in 1983 Calthorpe Associates is an award-winning design firm recognized for its innovative leadership in regional planning and urban design

Widely regarded as one of the USA’s most influential urban design firms, improving communities from coast to coast and overseas.

Based in Berkeley, California, the firm is a national leader in smart growth, a founding partner in the Congress for New Urbanism, and active across the world in designing and implementing the next generation of sustainable plans, policies, and development projects.

List of their some projects:

  • Vision California, California, USA
  • Envision Bay Area, San Francisco, California
  • Louisiana Speaks, South Louisiana, Louisiana
  • Chicago Metropolis 2020, Chicago Region, Illinois
  • Southern California Compass, Los Angeles Region, California
  • Envision Utah, Salt Lake City Region, Utah
  • Blueprint Denver General Plan, Denver, Colorado
  • Uptown District, Oakland, California
  • Maui Research & Technology Park, Maui, Hawaii
  • Land Use, Transportation, Air Quality Connection, Portland Region, Oregon 
  • Triangle Square, Austin, Texas
  • St. Andrews Master Plan, Wanneroo, Australia 
  • Kingdom City Master plan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Montealegre, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Yuelai Eco City, Chongqing, China
  • Capital Steel Redevelopment, Beijing, China
  • Arabian Canal, Dubai, United Arab Emirates