Our Approach

At STREE, we view our role of development manager being similar to that of a symphony conductor whereby we meticulously synchronize all relevant work streams to ensure that everyone performs according to one unified and value-maximizing business plan throughout the project’s development cycle.

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Strategic Alliances

STREE Development has forged strategic alliances with world renowned firms in regional planning, design, and engineering. STREE is in the unique position of being able to gather the best minds for master planning, for architec­ture and for all engineering and to put them to work in full and active cooperation in the execution of the design. Equally importantly STREE will move forward after the design is complete to oversee every aspect of the construction with their highly-informed knowledge of each professional’s design intent.

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"We have worked with the professionals of STREE for over the past 17 years and we have had very positive experience. They not only have been very creative in finding and coming back with ideas, they have also been very professional with their approach in tackling the challenges. Thinking out of the box has been their motto and they have applied this throughout all phases of their projects and have always exceeded our expectations".


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